I love Coco Chanel and bow. I have bow everywhere. In my room, in my lamp, in work on my desk … and of course in my wardrobe.         coco chanel love bow too 🙂 source source source source source source and other one source source spring 2010  source  this is my favourite … Continue Reading

Today is a big day! My best friend has a daughter. I´m so happy, she is so beautiful and has beautiful name ELIŠKA (eng. Elisabeth, Alice, fr. Élise, ger. Elise,  ) Welcome to the world baby girl! I wish you all the best!!  my present for little princess … in february I was in Germany … Continue Reading

Yes, I have twin … brother 🙂 It´s amazing – we same think, we have same feeling, it´s incredible but we have the same mark (I´m not sure if mark means the same as in Slovakia – it´s result from exam or test) in school. We don´t live in same town … he lives in … Continue Reading

Right now I read a book ” fashion from the 18th to the 20th century” the kyoto costume insitute and these pieces of clothes intrigued me …. flowers and striped theme … I know this flower/striped theme is for many people cursed but I like it … 1972 in this time is very modern stripes … Continue Reading

from Paris    Everyone in Paris buy some souvenirs but me …. I buy buttons. One button for 2€ ehm it was not cheap but original and now I have original sweater with this buttons T-shirt with three broochs … I use them on my blazer “to be glam or not to be, that is … Continue Reading

My biggest dream was to visite PARIS and my friend Ela makes my dream true. PARIS the best b-day present on whole world 🙂 I ♥ PARIS    btw. this coat was designed by mysel Point de Alexander III. from “the devil wears prada” shop with fabrics 🙂 our breakfast – every day metro station My … Continue Reading


I love one-piece swimwear Victoria Secret 2011 source: victoriassecret.com and this one will be my 🙂    vintage swimweare source: queensofvintage.com  sold for £65,000 source: news.sky.com  KLEPI

Lady GaGa for i-d magazine source: lady Gaga for i-D magazine2011 photo by mariano vivanco

   Kate&Pippa royal wedding 1981 the official royal wedding photography  Klepi