my dream

… my part time-jobs are full of fun … hostess, promotion, model …. I love my part-time jobs, because as a hostess I can be in backstage of some party or I´m as a VIP … I love marketing and organization and this is opportunity to see what is behind some wonderful evening 🙂 One … Continue Reading

finaly …

my graduation theses …. and now I have to studying studying studying studying studying … first week in june I have exam …I need a miracle!!!   Po štyroch rokoch som sa konečne prepracovala k vytúženej bakalárskej práci a moznosti získat titul Bc. chce to uz len zázrak aby som sa stihla naučit na ekonomicku … Continue Reading


…. I have bad day …. I have bad mood …. I see everything wrong …. I want to be alone I draw  MY FRIENDS      OR FASHION Zara collection inspiration from Lanvin for H&M Mango Lula and … The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said: “Man. Because … Continue Reading

hair …

wow … and I think I have long hair :DDD my longest hair ever it was so long so I cut them about 20 cm but now I have same long hair but I love my hair :)) I don´t have enought courage but my dream is this hair cut … but maybe one time … Continue Reading

welcome to the world

Today is a big day! My best friend has a daughter. I´m so happy, she is so beautiful and has beautiful name ELIŠKA (eng. Elisabeth, Alice, fr. Élise, ger. Elise,  ) Welcome to the world baby girl! I wish you all the best!!  my present for little princess … in february I was in Germany … Continue Reading

I´m a big sister

Yes, I have twin … brother 🙂 It´s amazing – we same think, we have same feeling, it´s incredible but we have the same mark (I´m not sure if mark means the same as in Slovakia – it´s result from exam or test) in school. We don´t live in same town … he lives in … Continue Reading


Right now I read a book ” fashion from the 18th to the 20th century” the kyoto costume insitute and these pieces of clothes intrigued me …. flowers and striped theme … I know this flower/striped theme is for many people cursed but I like it … 1972 in this time is very modern stripes … Continue Reading

in my room

present from my friend from Prague Klepi