Polka dot is one of my favorite prints. Exactly I love stripes, flowers, and checks, too. I am a lover of prints. It is not true that prints on clothes don´t fit everyone. The opposite is true. Prints fit everyone. These are my tips on how to choose and how to wear polka dot print.

9 basic rules how to choose polka dot print

  1. The size of every print is very important. Yes it is true, Small polka dot patterns will suit almost everybody
  2. Color of the base of the fabric – I feel better in darker colors with lighter prints. Someone feels better in white color with black prints. Every time try prints in a different color. Maybe it is a “problem” only in color and not in print.
  3. The layout of prints – I mean that sometimes the designer doesn´t think about how will final model look. There are sometimes improperly located prints on the breast area or different parts of the body. 🙂 You know what I mean.

4. Quantity of dots or other prints – On different types of body sizes look different the quantity of dots placed on the fabric.
5. Polka dots print for casual days – I don´t recommend wearing a polka dots print for formal events. Almost all prints (stripes, some type of floral print, plaid, etc) look very casual.
6. A Pretty woman – be prepared for comments “you look like a Pretty woman”

 There is never a wrong time for a polka dot

Marc Jacobs

Colors and mix of prints

7. One print in one outfit – start with one print in the outfit. Are you an expert in prints? Mix up large and small polka dots. It’s a good alternative to wearing the same size polka dot head to toe. You can wear polka dots with floral prints to create a spring mood. Pairing stripes and dotted print produce an interesting graphic effect.
8. If you are not sure about bold prints, go monochromatic and try a solid color top or blouse with polka dot accessories.
9. The most classic ones are black and white, red and white, blue and white. Cotton and silk are atypical choices for polka dot fabric patterns. It’s used for making retro-inspired and trendy dresses, skirts, blouses, and shirts.

Why is this print Called Polka Dot?

Polka dot pattern was called after polka, a popular dance in the 19 th century. The word polka came from the Czech which means “a Polish woman”. According to one of the versions, the dancers organized polka clubs and decided to introduce a spotted uniform.

FOTO by Janka Šípková

VIDEO – How I sewed a Blouse from a dress

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