bag for macbook

túto tašku na macbook malo jedno dievča, ktoré nepoznám, ale tak veľmi sa mi páčila tak som si ju odfotila, no nie je skvelá? milujem takéto originálne vecičky :) / this bag for macbook of one girl in our work, I have to take a photo because I love it, I think is amazing What do you think? I love original things like this :)

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  1. Soooo cute!

  2. looks super cute. xx

  3. Hello and thanks for your comment :) This nag is so cute!!!
    Google friend will soon be off , so would you like follow each other through Bloglovin?
    I'm already following you.Hope you'll do the same :))
    Thanks for the support,

  4. Hi Iva,
    Since 1 March 2012 non-blogger websites or blogs that had Google Friend Connect (GFC) dont have it anymore. Still, even blogs related to blogspot as yours wont have GF for a long time.
    Thats all I know and you can google it to be sure..



ďakujem za každý jeden názor / Thank you :)