I´m a big sister

Yes, I have twin ... brother :) It´s amazing - we same think, we have same feeling, it´s incredible but we have the same mark (I´m not sure if mark means the same as in Slovakia - it´s result from exam or test) in school. We don´t live in same town ... he lives in Bratislava and I live in Banska Bystrica - it´s 250 km. But I love him and I know if I have some problem he is here for me. His name is Marian and my name is Ivana. I´m his big sister :)) I´m older by10 minutes. I can´t imagine my life without him.

our outfits
This photo is from his graduation at the university. I´m pround of him. My graduation is this year, specifically in june I have exams and graduation in august or september.

and any photos from our childhood

1 year - I have my first dress by my mom
5 years

and now ... we are crazy

18 years

24 years
22 years

24 years

with love Klepi ♥

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