from world

from Paris 

Everyone in Paris buy some souvenirs but me .... I buy buttons. One button for 2€ ehm it was not cheap but original and now I have original sweater with this buttons

T-shirt with three broochs ... I use them on my blazer
"to be glam or not to be, that is the question"

very colorful ...

I think this necklase symbolized a freedom. There is swallow, which soared from the bird cage. I was born under the sign of Aquarius and freedom is for me important. I hate rules ... I love myself.

This pantyhose I bought as last thing in Paris ... The people of Slovakia are so conservative so I have long thought if I bought them ... but I bought and I thing that was best desision :) Yes! people looking at me but no matter ... because I feel good :)

from Germany

my best friend Jennika is pregnant ... I bought to her little princess this amazing coat :)

this is chocolate for my twin-brother ... I know I am strange but I hate chocolate

from Prague

diary from my collegue

from Krakow

from gran canaria

the left one - the right one from paris

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