wow … it´s jennifer aniston? she is amazing!!! In Vivienne Westwood dress, Christian Louboutin shoe and her new golden blonde shade. Michael Canale is the man who change Jen´s hair shade. She is 42 but she has the courage to change her hair shade. I think she look great! Jennifer launch her new fragrance at Sephora Lexington Avenue in New York City. New fragrance named “Jennifer Aniston”


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and her hairstyle ….

1995                         2000                              2001

in friends 🙂 I had a hairestyle like Jen in 1995 … and I was not the only one in our class :))) it was trendy have haire like Rachel !!!


I love this hairstyle in year 2000. She look very sexy and very good 🙂

2004                   2006                             2000

2004                       2004                         2008

1998                        1999                        2009



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